About Us

UzCamp travel agency focuses on youngsters’ audition as youth tourism requires more individual approach related to safety, educative functions and legislation. The agency established for orginizing seasonal camps in Uzbekistan and over the world, furthemore consulting for Boarding Schools and collages abroad. The safety, quality and your trust is our first priority.


If you choose our overseas seasonal camps, we encourage you and your children to become more than just tourists. Each of our overseas camp programs combined with active tours, language and cultural classes, workshops. This will ensure that your children can maximize their experience during their visit, get acquainted with the new culture, history, and lifestyle and make friends with peers from other countries. Each country has highly recommended places for you to visit, food that is hightly recommended for you to eat and customs and festivals you must watch. We do not recommend just staying in a hotel as you travel far from your home, so Let’s join our active travel and vacation programs.


We offer you the best Summer Camps in Uzbekistan and at the same time invite you to join our “UzCamp” English camp in Aktash complex. Lifetime friends, lifetime memories. Our camps in some cases right through from the age of 7 to 16. And it doesn’t end there! After turning 18 a good number of campers become counsellors once they reach the age of 21.